Pentagon Tiling

In searching for a good geometric system for the tiling of the pillows, we have become very interested in pentagon tiling. This system allows for a great deal of variation in the pattern while using the same shape. While we are not entirely constrained to use only one shape, this will make the fabrication process easier, and allow us to continue to design the overall shape after we start production of the individual pillows.

The definition of pentagon tiling patterns is a rich mathematical subject, with new patterns continuing to be discovered. So far, 15 have been discovered, the most recent in 2015. We are focusing on types 7 and 8, as they produce the most interesting, non-repetitive patterns:


Good sites as a reference:


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I am an architect and urban researcher based in Los Angeles. He is a founding principal of Tectonicus, a design collaborative focused on highly site specific, critically engaged design work in the city and beyond, as well as foundCity, a research platform dedicated to re-engaging existing urban fabrics and ecological landscapes through design thinking. He has held senior design roles at Michael Maltzan Architects and MAD, and has led the design of a number of high profile cultural, mixed-use, housing, and infrastructure projects throughout the world. He received his undergraduate degree in Biology at MIT, a Masters of Architecture degree at the Southern California Institute of Architecture, and has held teaching appointments at IIT, Tsinghua University, and Tianjin University.

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