Jordan Kanter is a designer and researcher from Portland, Oregon. He received his undergraduate degree in biology from MIT and MArch from SCI_Arc. He has practiced architecture in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Beijing. He currently is a senior designer at MAD, where he has led the design of a number of significant projects, including the recently opened Harbin Opera House. He has taught courses in architecture design, representation, and theory at IIT, Tsinghua, and Tianjin Universities, and has lectured at numerous institutions. His current research focuses on computational strategies for urban mapping, systems modeling, geospatial database analytics, and the development of new paradigms for city design.

Walter Fischler is a neurobiologist and postdoctoral fellow in the Axel lab at Columbia University. He received his PhD from UC Berkeley and his undergraduate degree at MIT. His research focuses on mechanisms for olfactory perception, spatial representation, learning, and memory.